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The AKATeen Rites of Passage Program is designed to cultivate and begin the transformation of high school girls into young  productive women.

Our upcoming Open House will be February 28, 2022, Click the link to Register https://bit.ly/ROP2022  All participants must register to attend.  

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Wheeler, Wilson and Johnson Scholarships

WWJ scholarships help college-bound scholars alleviate some of their families' financial burdens they might encounter sending their children to college. Through our scholarships, we look to represent the community and the people they are accountable to, and instill a greater sense of belonging and motivation to make it through higher education.

Our Fall 2022 Scholarships are out, check the Scholarships tab.

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Peace Walk

WWJ annual Peace Walk creates unifying spaces for peace and partnerships in the community to enhance the quality of life for all. Our powerful walks have created opportunities to partner with local CBOs, Community Precinct Councils, Youth groups, and multigenerational community members in our mission. 

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Our Steward in the Bronx where we diligently, cultivate, plant, weed and celebrate the harvest of our Chapter's marker as partners of New York State's Adopt a A Highway Program. 

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Dorm Drive

The Dorm Drive Project was initiated in 2018 to support a high school senior’s transition to college by purchasing dorm room supplies. A committee comprised of WWJ Members organize into teams and are assigned a dorm drive recipient. To date, the Dorm Drive has furnished 12 dorm rooms for first-time fabulous freshmen.

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Annual Holiday Toy Drive

'Tis the season to spread laughter and cheer to children who are near by helping local Bronx after school centers collect toys for the holidays. Last year, WWJ raised about 400 toys for the Bronx Works After School Center and the Gwendolyn Bland Day Care Center.